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Cardano Smart Contracts are LIVE!

Cardano Smart Contracts are LIVE!

We have smart contracts! Woop woop! Cardano just announced that it has successfully completed its Alonzo hard fork, thus allowing the creation and execution of smart contracts on its blockchain for the first time. This has been a long anticipated next step for Cardano as the block chain moves to add a new layer of functionality to its portfolio.

So with this exciting news, we want to celebrate in true WIRED fashion by making a donation to a couple of amazing causes. Usually, it’s a challenge to decide each month as there are so many worthy organisations doing amazing things. It’s hard to determine where we can provide the most help. This month, on the other hand, we knew exactly where we could help and make a difference for an amazing family.

This donation is a very personal one for WIRED. Two of our team members know it very well, having lived the child cancer journey. They know first hand how tough it can be, the sacrifices required and the toll it can take on the family and everyone supporting them. This month’s donation is for a family they met during one of their many hospital visits and whose journey is still ongoing.

Meet Mason and his family. Here is their story as told by Dianne, Mason’s Mum:

‘Mason was diagnosed with Wilms tumour cancer at 10 months old and had to have treatment including a kidney out. He then relapsed a year later which required more treatment and the second kidney to be removed. He has been living on dialysis ever since and has had one complication after the other with many lengthy stays in Starship. To be honest we couldn't even count the number of times we have been to and from Starship over the years. We have nearly lost Mason five times during this medical journey. Because we have always believed and have been together as a family throughout Mason's journey it has meant my partner, Matt has had to put work aside to be there for the whanau (family). We have been struggling to keep up with day to day bills including power, insurances, and ultimately now our house. We see no hope in being able to keep our house, our children's home which we have lived in for the past 15 years. It breaks our heart it has come to this. Starship hospital has become our second home, which we are very grateful for, but it is always a relief to know we have our home to come back to, to have normality.’

The team at WIRED are donating $1000 to the Mason family in the hopes they will be able to keep their family home after losing so much during the last 6 years. Furthermore, we will also be supporting the Starship Children's Hospital by donating an additional $1000, so they can continue helping more families like Mason's by providing the amazing top level services they do.

Mason’s Family - $1000

Starship Foundation - $1000

Corporate Sponsor Match - $1000


If you would also like to donate to help Mason’s family, you can do so directly here. Or for any ADA donations to: addr1qyuvfar4e4fnvkqae4tcg5pvuqwltazpartfpfupkhhm98wdelv4mfu2ge3ayqqasdcj80e505uxd4rqnumxhdhq8wrslxgch9

Thanks again for everyone's ongoing support!

The WIRED team.