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Ready, Set, Go.

Ready, Set, Go.
Photo by Moritz Kindler / Unsplash

It’s exciting times here at Wired, we have been working hard to launch our stake pool and make sure it is as reliable and secure as it can be.

After an initial rocky start and not being assigned any blocks for four epochs(!!), the odds have now swung back in our favour. Not only were we given the opportunity to make a come back, but we have successfully produced and confirmed every block that has been allocated, with a whopping 4 blocks in the current epoch!

So to celebrate our launch and our first blocks successfully produced, we are happy to announce we are donating $1000 across the two following charities:

Innovation for Poverty Action is a research and policy non-profit that discovers and promotes effective solutions to global poverty problems. To date, they have evaluated more than 550 potential solutions and have another 315 current evaluations in progress.

Our second charity, Project Healthy Children, provides children in Africa with the basic nutritional support they need to survive and thrive. Their amazing work has seen 55 million children benefit from their help and are on target to reach 100 million by 2025.

We have also managed to successfully secure a corporate sponsor to match our pool donations, making the total impact a whopping $2000!

Innovations for Poverty Action - $500

Project Healthy Children - $500

Corporate Sponsor Match - $1000


Check back soon to see our next update!

The Wired Team