Understanding Our Fees at Wired Foundation

At Wired Foundation, we maintain a modest 3% fee structure. This fee is integral to supporting our robust server infrastructure and ensuring maximum uptime.

What Does a 3% Fee Mean for You?

Let’s break it down with an example. Consider a variable 3% fee in a scenario where a pool yields a 5% return on average. With this fee, your actual return would be 4.85%, as 0.15% is allocated to support the pool’s operations.

To put this into perspective, if you have 1000 ADA staked and the annual return is approximately 50 ADA, only 1.5 ADA of that would contribute to funding both the pool’s maintenance and our ongoing charitable donations. This minimal deduction from your returns is a small price for the substantial benefits it offers.

How Does This 3% Fee Benefit Us and, Ultimately, You?

The fee plays a critical role in our mission. It enables us to focus on key areas:

  1. Investment in Pool Reliability: We are committed to continually enhancing our pool’s reliability and uptime.
  2. Ensuring Block Production: Our aim is to never miss a block, thereby maximizing your long-term rewards.
  3. Infrastructure Enhancement: The fee aids in building a more powerful and well-distributed system.

This approach starkly contrasts with some zero-fee pools, which might compromise on hardware quality, operate from less optimal locations, or rely on unstable home internet connections. Our fee ensures that we avoid these pitfalls, providing you with a more reliable and efficient staking experience.

While the 3% fee might seem like an additional cost, it’s a strategic investment into the pool’s and your staking success. It ensures that we maintain high standards of operation, translating into better long-term returns for you.