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New Partnerships.

New Partnerships.

Well, it’s been a ground-breaking time in the Cardano world over the last few weeks. April was the first month where the network was operating fully decentralised, an exciting prospect now that control of the blockchain has been fully handed over to the community. Then a few weeks later, IOHK, the founders of the Cardano network, announced a major partnership with the Ethiopian government with a goal to improve the quality of education for 5 million students! The blockchain technology will be used to create digital IDs for students thus allowing validation of school credentials for future study or employment. As a country still operating mainly on a limited paper-based system, this has the potential to be life changing for the next generation of young Ethiopians.

So with all this good news, we want to join in too! We are excited to announce our next donation will also be providing aid to a developing country, Nigeria, and we will be donating $1000 to New Incentives through The Life You Can Save organisation. The New Incentives program educates caregivers about the importance of vaccinating children and disburses cash incentives that are conditional on infants receiving four life-saving vaccines. They also work with government partners to improve vaccine supply and there is strong evidence that their program leads to more children being immunized from life-threatening but vaccine–preventable diseases.

New Incentives - $1000

Corporate Sponsor Match - $1000


Finally, on our end, our system has been running smoothly and we have been having some excellent luck recently, with 3 out of the last 4 epochs having 154%, 143% and 143% block hit rate above what is normally expected. We have been testing the next Cardano node version 1.27.0 on the testnet to ensure things are working as expected for when it gets released to production.

Can’t wait to see what next month will bring!

The Wired Team