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Alonzo Smart Contract Progress.

Alonzo Smart Contract Progress.

Things have been trucking on here at Wired, with the Alonzo smart contact testnet due to progress from Blue to White, we have been busy doing work on our own testnet in preparation.

So while things have been relatively quiet, we have decided to create our own celebration with a new donation, and make it a super big one this month for 2 deserving causes!

We are excited to announce our first recipient is Equalise Health. This organisation designs and delivers affordable, innovative medical technologies to transform the lives of the global poor. One of their focus areas is jaundice in babies, easily treatable with phototherapy and yet over six million babies with severe jaundice do not receive adequate treatment. Equalize Health have created a high-quality, low-cost phototherapy lamp that uses LED bulbs which do not need replacing.

Our second donation is for Innovations for Poverty Action - India COVID-19. While many nations are now facing a third wave of Covid-19 thanks to the delta variant, research has shown that the wearing of masks can slow the spread of the disease and save lives. Getting people to consistently and properly wear masks has been a major public health challenge. However, a new model shown to normalise mask-wearing points to a scalable solution. IPA is quickly mobilising to support government and non-government organisations in the adaptation and implementation of the approach.

Equalise Health - $1000

Poverty Action - India COVID-19 - $1000

Corporate Sponsor Match - $2000

Total Impact: $4000!