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A Much Anticipated Jumpstart!

A Much Anticipated Jumpstart!

Wow, what a month we have had here at WIRED! We were stoked last month to be one of the lucky recipients of a community delegation from the Cardano Foundation and we really appreciate the support! The foundation delegates funds to chosen pools every 3 months to help jumpstart smaller pools, allowing them to become more established and more profitable in a shorter space of time. And it’s so awesome that this round they picked us! Not only is it a big boost to our team, but all our delegators get to share in the rewards too.

In order to make the most of this delegation, we have been upping the ante on our end with as many pool optimisations as we can. Server tweaks, performance hardware tweaks, you name it we have probably done it! And we have definitely noticed a difference as our pool starts gaining traction and trending upwards. With this in mind, we have also been concentrating on getting our updates on social media and if you haven’t already seen our twitter account @wiredpool this is where we post our regular updates and latest news. Make sure you follow us to keep up with what’s happening in the WIRED for Cardano world.

Finally, our team has also been working on developing an education blog series. This is where we aim to make crypto a bit easier to understand for people just starting out and wanting to learn more about it. We are excited that this will help draw more people into cryptocurrency as they gain confidence about how it all works.

Such exciting stuff in the pipeline and more to come as you will soon see. As we gain momentum we want to make sure we stay ahead of the game.

The WIRED team.